January 2021

HA : 26th

Staveley : 12th &  18th
Bollington : 21st
PVH : 6th, 14th, 25th
Highfields : 20th
Carrick : 28th

February 2021

HA : 16th
Staveley : 3rd
Bollington : 11th
PVH : 4th, 15th
Highfields : 9th
Carrick : 18th

HA = Hallam Vet Centre, Sheffield S6 (once or twice monthly usually Tue)

PVH = Park Veterinary Hospital, Sheffield ( every 2-3 weeks)

CA = Carrick Vet Group, Chesterfield. (monthly )

HIGH = Highfield Veterinary Centre, London Rd, Sheffield (monthly)

Boll = Bollington Veterinary Centre, Bollington (monthly)

Staveley = Staveley Vets (monthly) 

Please note that I no longer hold regular clinics at 

Hunters Bar Veterinary Clinic or Bakewell


Dates of Cardiology Clinics 2020 & 2021
The following clinics are available for clinical cases.  Please refer to the clinic location tab to call for an appointment.  
New cases should to be refered by the normal vet (apart from heart tests)

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