Information about Cardiology work during 
COVID 19 Pandemic applying to end June 2020

The main practice for urgent and emergency cardiology cases remains Park Veterinary Hospital.
Appointments can only be made after your vet discusses the case with Vicky, OR after a telephone or Skype consultation.  

Selected less urgent cases (patients who have symptoms or will possibly deteriorate in the near future) may be seen at Park Vets or limited further surgeries in June. See clinic date tab.
As further government and veterinary professional body guidance becomes available it is hoped that we can gradually progress towards more normal cardiology clinics. 
Heart testing is still not possible.

Telephone or Skype consultations
These can be useful for :
Initial assessment to determine if urgent care is needed
Advice on how to change management or medication.

A small charge will be made and will need to be made by phone via one of the practices after the consultation.

Vicky will need all recent vets notes, Xrays, blood test results 
by E mail for these consultations.

These can be arranged via your practice.
Please use E mail

Emergency Cardiology at Hallam Vets.
My colleague Phil Tricklebank is also available for urgent cases.  
See clinic location tab for Hallam contact details.
I will do my best to organise some heart testing days once clinics are running more normally in the future, 
but this is very unlikely to be before August.  
If you would like to be put onto a list and contacted about these please E mail Vicky stating the type of test and breed involved.

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