A Guide to Costs

The exact prices charged will differ slightly between practices.  All are INCL VAT estimates

Standard Cardiology Consultations

In and around Sheffield a guide to the consultation price when a pet is seen for the first time is £130-170

An initial heart scan (echocardiography) would be £300-380

If any other tests are suggested at the time of the consultation, the cost will be advised.

Heart Testing (healthy pets for breeding only)

Examination, listening with stethoscope and certificate approximately £65. This is the only requirement for many dog breeds.

For Cavalier King Charles Spaniels : new echo doppler test £150

Examination, listening with stethoscope, full echocardiography (AKA heart scan & Doppler echo) and certificate approximately £265, for all other dogs.

Cats for annual hypertrophic cardiomyopathy test £150