Further dates for regular clinics will be announced as soon as possible when we know that work can return to normal after the COVID 19 pandemic

HA = Hallam Vet Centre, Sheffield S6 (once or twice monthly usually Tue)

PVH = Park Veterinary Hospital, Sheffield ( every 2-3 weeks)

CA = Carrick Vet Group, Chesterfield. (every 2-3  weeks )

HIGH = Highfield Veterinary Centre, London Rd, Sheffield (monthly)

Boll = Bollington Veterinary Centre, Bollington (monthly)

 Bake = Bakewell Veterinary Clinic, Bakewell (monthly)

Staveley = Staveley Vets (monthly) 

Please note that I no longer hold clinics at Hunters Bar Veterinary Clinic


Dates of Cardiology Clinics 2020
Please use the dates listed below as a guide.
They are updated regularly but changes are occasionally made at short notice. See clinic location tab for contact details of each practice and ring practice directly to make an appointment.

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